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Camp Bighorn - Achieve Camp

Achieve camp is a unique camp specially designed for those with physical and developmental disabilities to enjoy all camp has to offer. We are able to modify each event to allow all to participate. We strive to create a safe environment and our campers are greatly loved. God created each person uniquely, and we enjoy celebrating each unique individual and allow them to accomplish things to a challenge they can Achieve.

Montana Autism Center

The Montana Autism Center exists to connect, discover and support. We connect families, individuals, educators, researchers and many others so that we can learn from each other. The Center is place of discovery. Current research and evidence-based resources are made available to a variety of audiences. We support visitors with the information they need to make informed and solid decisions.

Autism Speaks 

Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy organization in the United States that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public

 Top 10 Autism Websites Recommended by Parents

United States Centers for Disease Control(CDC) and Autism

Searching for autism information on the web can be overwhelming. So, where do you turn to for the most relevant information and resources when there are so many different options? We created this list based on recommendations from leading ASD organizations.

Researchautism Pamphlet Transition to Adulthood

Adulthood represents a time in one’s life where there are increased levels of independence, choice, responsibility, and personal control. Adulthood is the defining period of one’s life and, while we may look back fondly on our childhood, it is our accomplishments as adults for which we are generally most proud. Why, then, should adulthood for the person with an autism spectrum disorder be viewed any differently?


2017 REPORT TO CONGRESS Young Adults and Transitioning Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Farm in the Dell 

A small change of pace, a huge community breakthrough!”

Because everyone deserves a home and a family.

Advancing Futures for those with Autism

Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA) is a national consortium of organizations working together, led by the vision of individuals with autism and their families, to promote a collaborative spirit and develop both public and private sector support that improve the lives of adults living with autism.

In the News Links:

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Proactive Living Facility is not associated with any of the websites listed above. They are listed mainly as a resource to people that are beginning the transitional phase for their loved one with autism.

Gus "Big Stuff" Hanson of Missoula, MT

Gus "Big Stuff" Hanson of Missoula, MT