Recap from August 4, 2018 Fundraiser

Our hearts are full as we look back on yesterday’s fundraiser for Proactive Living Facility! The town of Ronan and beyond helped us raise $7,200.00 with another $500.00 coming through silent auction pickups! Thank you to all the helpers, Terrace Lake Community Church, the numerous people and organizations that donated, and the hundreds of people that came to support our cause. Jeremiah 29:11 is our organizations verse, and God made it evident his plans for us in the last three months! 

~The Janssen Family and PLF Board of Directors

Donors and or Partners

Monetary or In-Kind Donations


March 2018

Candy Emerson – Accountant (retired), Ronan, MT

Billy Williams, Attorney, Ronan, MT

June 2018

Anonymous Donation of $150,000 thru the Montana Community Foundation, Helena, MT

Anonymous Donation of $11,000

Mark Moore, Missoula, MT

Heather and Mark Shoal, Plentywood, MT

Janice Deblois, North Fort Meyers, FL

Breeann Adams, Missoula, MT

Krystal Glass, Las Vegas, NV

Stephanie Radke, thru Payne West Insurance, Missoula, MT

Dan Miller, Ronan, MT

Lacey Cates, Ronan, MT

July 2018

Gabe and Leah Johnson, Yard Sale Items, Charlo, MT

Bruce Cobern, Yard Sale Items, St. Ignatius, MT

Montana Power Products, Ronan, MT

Harvest Foods, Food Items, Ronan, MT

Valley Bank, Food Items, Ronan, MT

Pizza Café, Ronan, MT

Mick Holien, Radio Personality, Polson, MT (In My Opinion)

Frank Tyro, Film Director, Pablo, MT

Julie Moore, Ronan, MT

Kirsten Thinglestead - Ronan, MT, 1 hour massage ($50 Value)

Rootz Salon, (Holly Oakland) - Ronan, MT Hair and Beauty Products ($200 Value)

Showboat Cinemas - Polson, MT

Merrietta (Merri) Roberts, Yard Sale Items, Charlo, MT

Bob and Kathy Smith,  Montana Beef, Pablo, MT

$25,000 Donor wishes to remain Anonymous 


Kerri Schultz, Yard Sale Items, Kalispell, MT


Bev Aronson, Yard Sale Items, Kalispell, MT

Ryan and Cindy Nolen, Yard Sale Items, Deer Lodge, MT


Becky Crane, Yard Sale Items Kalispell, MT 

Christopher Amundson, Jersey City, NJ 

Angela Huff

Lee Wallace, Ronan, MT

Mindi Newman Wilson

Deni Bullock

Shannen Sexton

Dawn Cross Lewis

Cheryl Rathbun-Lowe

Joni Lubke (Bras)

Derek VanLuchene

Angela Wetzsteon

Amy and Dan Miller, Yard Sale Items, Ronan, MT

Mike and Vicki Erps, Willcox, Arizona

Gene and Jonathan Bond, Ronan, MT

Katie Snyder, Ronan, MT  J and K Town and Country

Dick and Kathy Gallagher, Yard Sale Items, Ronan, MT

Steven Weber,  (Clay's Grandfather) Kalispell, MT

Jennifer Rolfness, Yard Sale Items, Ronan, MT

Chris McDonald, Polson, MT

Native American Beadwork Items

Maggie Goode, Hot Springs, MT

Pendelton Blanket

Quicksilver Express, Pablo, MT

Donate Now

Phase II - Almost to our goal of raising $400,000 for the debt free construction of the facility located in Ronan, MT.  Help us reach our goal.

Donors Continued

August 2018

Zack Brandon, Ronan, MT

Mike and Mel Spry,  Nevis, Minnessotta

Deb Benson, Polson, MT

Eldena Bear Don't Walk. St. Ignatius, MT

Joey Adams, Seattle, WA

Julie Brubaker

Marlo Davis

Olivia Hennell

Sabrina Montgomery

Charles Erps

Autumn and Jason Adams, Ronan, MT

Elliot Adams, Arlee, MT

TLCC Youth Group, Ronan, MT

Jen Read, Ronan, MT

Alberta Blake, Ronan, MT

Dave and Donna Bennett, Ronan, MT

S and S Sports, Ronan, MT   New Trolling boat motor

PIzza Café, Ronan, MT

 Lori Huestis , Yard Sale Items, Kalispell, MT

Ty and Jennifer Weber (Clay's Aunt and Uncle), Yard Sale Items, Kalispell, MT

Lois Weber, Poplar, MT

Maxine Rebecca Martinez, Ryan Adams, and Avery, Polson, MT

Sam and Lacy Cates, Ronan, MT

In Memory of Sharlot Joan Richards, 96 Butte, MT  - Dan and Patti Jacques, Helena, MT

Bobby Camel, St Ignatius, MT

Issac "Sonny" Kelly, Ronan, MT

Tom Lankford, Ronan, MT

Mick Holien, Polson, MT

Carma  & Tony Bushnell  Family, Missouri

September 2018

$25,000 Gianforte Family Foundation